Matriculation Curriculum

Orange Management is unique for its conspicuous infrastructure, spectacular activities, systemized administration and well designed examination Pattern. Individual attention is paid towards each and every student at OIRS premises.

Special Classes For IX, X, XI & XII

Special classes from morning 7.00 am to 9.10 am and evening from 4.20 pm to 6.50 pm on all working days and special classes during vacation facilitate the students to gain wide knowledge in all subjects which enables the students to secure more marks. Prime importance is given to produce “STATE RANK HOLDERS” and to enable the students to obtain cut off marks for Engineering and Medicine.

Our aim is to

  1. To develop the individual’s talents and skills to his / her full potential.
  2. To develop a strong sense of belongingness and ownership of our school and contribute to Building a safe and welcoming community for all.
  3. To bestow Hi-Tech Quality Education for all.
  4. To generate a disciplined and true Indian citizen.
  5. To train the students to outshine in the Extra Curricular Activities.
  6. To pattern the students to be the best in all aspects.
  7. To indoctrinate the spiritual development of the students.
  8. To improve the student’s spoken language.

Our focus is on

  1. The development of children as confident and articulate young people who are able to positively contribute as citizens in the modern world;
  2. Developing a high quality curriculum incorporating information technology so that the children experience challenge and success at all ages and developmental levels;
  3. Establishing welcoming and inclusive partnerships with parents and the wider community.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern followed is Three Mid – Term Tests, Quarterly Exam, Half Yearly Exam and Annual Exam respectively.

Master IIT – JEE

Orange Management is intended to start the classes of IIT – JEE Programme at Orange Campus to benefit its students to prepare for Quality Entry into IIT Campus in India for 2015 April onwards.