“Feel at Home”

Orange Hostel for Boys and Girls is being run at Orange Campus apart from day boarders. The students around 100 across the country have been already boarded from the age group of Grade II to Grade XII. The parents can opt either the Weekly Boarding or Full – Time Boarding. The students studying at Orange Hostel are exclusively engaged with an assortment programmes which will support their physical and spiritual growth. The two fold target of our hostel is to train the students to be well disciplined and excel gorgeously in academics. The special classes after school hours from 4.20 pm to 6.00 pm provide our students plenty of time to study well. Orange Hostel makes the students feel at home.

A Day At Orange Campus

Sports at Orange Campus

In the evening, after school hours, the students are trained by the physical director in various sports events and games such as Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Table Tennis, Shuttle, Throw Ball, Cricket, discuss throw, shot put, long jump Etc.

Swimming Class

students are trained in swimming during the week ends (Saturday & Sunday).


Students are motivated to inculcate their reading habits by allotting time to read books in the library.


Delicious vegetarian North Indian & South Indian food is served to the students. Parental care is taken towards each and every student with regard to food.


The students can get their dresses washed and ironed in the school itself. Transport: The management organizes transport facility after the completion of every term to their nearer destination of the students. Vehicles are playing to nearby place till Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Arcot and Chennai outstation.

Educational Tour

The Hostel students are taken out at regular intervals for Educational Tour in order to enrich their knowledge. The students are taken to various historical places and other important places. The management also organizes trekking for the students. In the past they have been taken to various places such as

  • ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Kavanoor Telescope
  • INS – Rajali, Arakonam (Air Force Base)
  • Various Engineering and Medical Colleges
  • Forests like Javathu Hills, Amirithi Hills
  • Everon IT Park, Brila Planatorium – Chennai
  • Wellington – Cunoor
  • Paesture Institute of Molecular Biology – Cunoor

The students were thrilled to traverse these places. “Stay at Orange Hostel” is “Exhilaration and quite unforgettable”